/ Amyt Datta

Releases / Ambiance de Danse 

J’ouvre les yeux sur un miroir.
Ma peau est blanche et cernée de noir.
Je souris à peine.
J’attends. J'attends.
J’attends que mon tour vienne.
Et sur la scène,
il fait déjà nuit.
Un mince cercle marque ma place.
Mais il n’y a pas de bruits.
Ni de cris.
Ni de mouvements.
Où sont ceux qui m’attendaient?

Se sont-ils glissés par la grande porte?
(Comme mes rêves...)

/ Audrey Miras
I open my eyes to a mirror.
My skin is white against the shadows.
I barely smile.
I wait. I wait.
I wait for my turn to come.
And on the stage,
the night arrives before me.
The thin circle marks out my place.
But there are no screams.
No noise.
No movement.
Where are those who were waiting for me?
Did they slip away under the big door?
(Like my dreams...)

/ Audrey Miras

Download: https://amytdatta.bandcamp.com/album/ambiance-de-danse

Welcome to a world of nuclear dance.

After two years of atomic exploration, Amyt Datta has crafted a sound that spikes the exploratory craft of improvisation with the grit of industrial music, blessing it all with folklore. Jivraj Singh provides real-time manipulation, dusty textures and unlikely beat poetry; framing the sound with the discipline of electronics. The duo lives at the edge of conventional musical constructs, finding common consolation in celebrating the fringe.

Most of the album was recorded on an outdated 8-track digital workstation. Cursing the low bit depth, TL Mazumdar mixed it and Dave Vanderploeg mastered it.

The physical release, which we built with Opashona Ghosh, is a street-like explosion of materials:

• Metal box with screen printed logotype grid
• Spiral-bound booklet
• Art card featuring Karma Sirikogar's cover drawing
• Fold-out album infographic on tracing paper in pocket with inner screen print
• Photograph
• X-ray (unique to each box)
• Coloured graph papers with varying grids to use as you like  
• Digital download coupon
• Vinyl peel-off artwork sticker (Karma, again)
• Carpenter pencil (unsharpened)
• Elastic band for structural integrity

This is frenetic, splintered, oddly beautiful music, like the country it comes from. If you try to pin it down and put it in a box, it will fight you.

And win.

Gratitude / Erik Breuer, Edson Miller, Gyan & Jay Singh

2013 / Written & Produced by Amyt Datta