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Amyt Datta is India's preeminent guitar explorer. Rolling Stone Magazine calls him the country's "true live guitar god".

The road was Amyt's teacher. In the 1980's, he cut his teeth touring with famed rock & roll band Shiva. They went hard, like no Indian band since. Next, he and Monojit Datta formed D for brother. The short lived, but prolific, duo played intricately designed culture blend music long before it became the hip thing to do. With Indian indie pioneers Skinny Alley, he co-wrote, produced and played on the first English language album by an Indian band to get a major label release. His work with electrofusion mischief-makers PINKNOISE sees him mix devious synth explorations with jagged shards of rhythm guitar.

In his solo work, Amyt has moved away from a purely guitaristic focus and is journeying down a dangerous path of dissonant poetry. 

Amyt is a polarising artist, his work equally inspiring adoration and alienation. Which suits him fine - he never takes the middle path.

More: Vimeo, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook.